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CISD/ Northampton swimmers must be registered with United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and YMCA swimmers are encouraged to register with USMS. The cost is $72 for the calendar year (2016) (cost includes USMS fees, Gulf LSC Fee, and WMST club fee).

To Renew a USMS Registration or to register for the first time

online: click here
Online registrations are instant and will provide you with your USMS registration number once you have completed the process Or, send the completed USMS form (Click here for the USMS form) along with the appropriate amount to the address listed on the form.

If you are already a USMS member with a different club and would like to transfer to WMST, fill out and turn in the following form: (USMS Transfer Form)

CISD and Northampton Swimmers

WMST swimmers, plase note that you must renew your membership at the end of each calendar year to remain on the Attendance Roster with WMST. For insurance reasons, you will not be allowed to swim at any of our practices after January 1 unless your USMS registration has been renewed. The Coaches Attendance Roster displays only those members who have a current USMS membership.