WMST 1650 Postal Swim January 30th 2011

Woodlands Masters Swim Team 1650 Postal Swim

On Sunday Jan 30th The Woodlands Masters Swim Team will devote its ENTIRE workout at the CISD NAT exclusively to the USMS 1650 Postal Swim. If you plan to swim this event show up by 1:00 pm. and make sure to visit www.wmst.net for the split sheet. Swimmers all over the country will swim the 1650 Postal Swim and the results are sent in and compiled at a central location. Our goal is shoot for one of the Team Awards and have fun in a fast environment for all that attend. Three teams overall will win a trophy. Go WMST!


Warm-ups will start at the CISD NAT at 1:00 pm on Sunday January 30th for ALL heats. ALL participants must sign in and be ready at 1:00 pm. Heats and lane timing will then be assigned. We plan on having 2 heats, possibly 3. The first heat will start at 1:30 pm, and after the last swimmer is finished, there will be a 15 minute transition break. This transition break will allow swimmers in first heat to dry and dress and for swimmers in second heat to have a brief warm-up. We expect the second heat to start at approximately 2:15 p.m. We will try to assign swimmers according to speed, with the second heat as the faster heat. This will hopefully allow swimmers the chance to swim against others in their speed range. If there is a large enough turnout, we may split the lanes with swimmers of similar speed (2 swimmers to a lane, not circling). Please plan to stay and time as well as swim. This year, we are not requiring for everyone to bring their own timer, just to show up and help each other out.


Woodland members –$10 billed directly to your WMST account

To PARTICIPATE:  All you need to do is show up on Sunday 1/30. We are submitting our entries as a team. Here are the items you must bring the day of the Postal swim:

  1. Entry form - please download the form here, print and complete.
  2. A copy of your USMS Card
  3. Towel and parka to stay warm while you are timing or waiting to swim

Each swimmer is asked to print and fill out the WMST split sheet for the timer, attach a copy of your USMS card, and bring it on Jan 30. T-shirts are at extra cost ($16.00 for XL, L, Med, Small) and can be also charged to your account. Please email bring a separate check with you or allow your account to be charged separately for the shirt.


Each swimmer must have one counter/timer. Please note the following:

ALL participants must sign in and be ready at 1:00 pm. Heats and timing when then be assigned. We'll start the first heat at 1:30pm. After the first heat we'll have a 15 minute transition break before we start the second heat. We expect the second heat to start at approximately at 2:15 p.m. If you are in heat 1 swimming please plan to stay and time for heat 2 and vice versa. We need all participants to volunteer their time to teammates.


We will have extra split sheets, stopwatches, clipboards, and pens. If you bring your own stopwatch the watch must be capable of doing cumulative splits (not lap splits) to the 10th or 100th of a second. Please register prior to this event so we can have enough lanes and heats arranged ahead of time.

Pool temp is generally in the 80-81 range - just right for a distance effort.