Oregon or Bust Meet July 9 2016

July 9 2016, The CISD Natatorium,19133 David Memorial Drive, Shenandoah, Texas 77385

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This is a meet for all swimmers – experienced or novice. Our goal is to support all swimmers to achieve their goals.

Are you an experienced competitor? – We want you there! Are you novice and want to swim in a meet but are a bit hesitant? - We want you there too!

On behalf of WMST Board, coaches and your teammates we all want you to come join the fun of competition, and challenge yourself, on reaching some personal goals.

With lots of support:

  • A $25 WMST credit for WMST swimmers entering in their first USMS meet
  • A guide for first time meet swimmers
  • Special workouts to prepare for a meet
  • Coach’s guidance on what to swim
  • This meet is not only for swimmers going to Oregon – IT is for US to have fun

Interested? More Questions? Want that $25 credit?

Chat with Coach Laura (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Coach Carolyn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) – on deck or by email.

Tips for New Meet Participants

  • Make a commitment to enter and review meet entry at least 4-6 weeks ahead (WMST is holding a meet July 9, 2016 at NAT)
  • Ask the coach what events and times you might best enter.
  • Worried about diving off the blocks? No need, master swimmers can start from the side of the pool or from in the water.
  • During appropriate workouts, try to swim some sets for your event close to race pace. If the calendar states "quality", that day will have sets with longer rest so you can practice swimming fast.
  • Rest more during workout and at home the last few days before the meet. Go to practice but swim relaxed, no sprinting.
  • Arrive at meet 45-60 minutes before start to get adequate warmup. A good warmup:
    • Easy 300, then 100 kick
    • 200 alternate stroke drill and swim of your stroke(s)
    • 6 x 50, descending every 3 down to a 200 pace on easy interval
    • Do a few starts or push offs where you sprint for 10-15 yards
    • Stretch against wall and if you feel loose, get out
    • 10-15 minutes before your event, get back in and swim until you no longer feel cold (usually 200-300 yards)
    • After your event, warm down at least 200 post each event
  • Keep warm at the meet! Even on hot days, indoor pools can be quite cold, so bring warm socks, slip on warm shoes or boots, fleeces, warm up parkas, several towels. Use hot tub to get warm. You can bring a portable chair. Drink lots of water day before and during the meet!
  • The coaches are frequently competing themselves, but connect with them for ideas and feedback
  • If you would like a "Meet Preparation" document, email the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.