Sandy Cattarin wins the 2010 Jesse Coon Award

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Congratulations to Sandy Cattarin!

Sandy Cattarin has been competing in Master’s swimming for over 20 years. She has been a very busy swim lady. She is a great supporter of the sport because she attends most local and zone meets as well as national meets.

She enjoys open water swimming and has attended many open water events. She has served as registrar for the Gulf, she participates in Gulf meetings, and she has served on the social committee for The Woodlands Master’s Swim team for years.

She swims and competes with a passion. Sandy loves the butterfly and IM’s. Masters swimming is not just about swimming. Masters swimming is about relationships. Sandy has hosted social events at her home, brought goodies to others as treats after practice and to swim meets. She has opened her home for others to stay at meets. The ladies love slumber parties at Sandy’s. She is always ready to serve whenever asked. She always has a smile on her face and she encourages everyone to do their best. Sandy is an inspiration to everyone around her who swims. She is truly a person who is caring and one who understands the virtues of Master’s Swimming. Sandy was a friend of Jesse Coon and attended many meets with him. She is in many ways very similar to Jesse Coon in that she has a tireless love of the sport, her team mates and other swim friends.

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